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MOTD- Love and Beauty “Emerald”

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Hi all!

Today I have a really beautiful polish to share with you. It’s one of the three Love and Beauty polishes I picked up at the Times Square Forever 21 yesterday. This polish is called “Emerald”, and upon first glance, it looks like the person who named it got really confused, lol! In the bottle, it appears to have a very purple, duochrome base, but upon applying it, it definitely has a dark, blue-based emerald base. As you build up the color, though, the emerald gets much darker, and almost appears like a very dark blue-green purple duochrome. No matter what, it’s a real gem! Here’s a bottle shot below:


Here you can sort of see the duochrome of the polish, but honestly, pictures do not do this beauty justice. You can hardly see the varying shades of purple shimmer, peach shimmer, gold shimmer, and green in the bottle. It’s such a deep, fascinating polish, it just looks different at every single angle. Below are pictures with 4 coats of “Emerald”, no topcoat, in indoor, artificial lighting (sorry for the lack of sun pictures today, the weather just wouldn’t cooperate)




The formula on this polish was nice, very thin and easy to apply. The only problem was, it was a bit sheer. It took 4 coats to build up so you couldn’t see the visible nail line. I wish it were more opaque, because with just 1-2 layers, it’s a completely different polish. Deep blue/emerald turquoise with a very purple/red shimmer. Don’t get me wrong, the color you see above (which the camera truly didn’t capture well enough to do the polish justice) is absolutely phenomenal, but wouldn’t it be awesome to get two colors out of one polish?! I’ll try it with a white base some time to see how it works.

This polish is somewhat similar to another polish I ran across once. While not exact dupes, I think Versace v2077 (picture below) has a very similar look to “Emerald”. The bases are slightly different. But considering the hefty pricetag on the Versace, I think “Emerald” is a great, high quality inexpensive choice.


Overall, I think this polish is a must have. Love and Beauty polishes are currently $2.80 at Forever 21 stores, plus tax (unless you’re in Delaware, then there’s never sales tax! :-D)

What do you think of this unique beauty of a polish? Are you a fan of shimmery duochromes, or is creme your style? Let me know in the comments!


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