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I’m Baaaccckkkk! Vacation MOTD- Love and Beauty “Peacock” and “Pink”


Hi everyone!

I’m back from the cruise! I sailed on the Carnival Pride, and boy, was it wonderful! It was nice to get away for a week and be waited on (and eat everything in sight, lol!). Unfortunately, it rained while I was in the Bahamas (thanks to tropical storm Dorian), but it did little to dampen the fun of the vacation!

Of course, while I was away, I couldn’t neglect my nails! Today I have for you a (very impromptu) MOTD, with the pictures taken in the ship’s theater, called the Taj Mahal. Both of the colors I have in the pictures are from Forever 21’s line, Love and Beauty, and I bought them both in NYC the week before I left, and gave them a try on the ship!

“Pink” is a a gorgeous, sheer bubblegum/cotton candy pink with a sky blue duochrome shimmer. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s much more in depth than a standard pink! In the bottle it is a feast for the eyes, it is spectacular! Unfortunately, on the nail, it doesn’t translate the same. With 4 coats (seen in the pictures) you can still see visible nail line. I would recommend this color as a layering polish, because it’s still so gorgeous!

“Peacock” is a gorgeous dark blue/turquoise shimmer, with a teal and deep purple duochrome running through this. I originally had picked out a different color to buy on my first trip to NYC, but one look at the bottle and I was sold! The color translates extremely well to the nail, and it opaque in 2-3 coats depending on how thick the layers are. I used three in the picture below because while on the ship, I tried to use extra thin coats of polish to help dry it (the ocean humidity can really do a number on wet nails). Pictures below are with no base or top coat (because I forgot to pack mine, oops!)




Again, sorry for the lighting/picture quality of these. It was the best I could do on the ship. But regularly scheduled posts will begin again starting tomorrow, and I’ve got lots of great polishes to share with you, including one I bought in the Bahamas that changes color in the sun! I’m happy to be back and blogging again, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me in my nail polish shenanigans!



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I'm a teenage nail blogger from Delaware who, among other things, loves science, music, fashion, and um, of course, nail polish! I use my blog as a means of de-stressing, but I also love that I get to share my adventures in lacquer with all of my amazing followers! Please follow me :-)

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