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MOTD- OPI “Lights of Emerald City”


Hi everyone!

So I guess this is officially my first post as “The Polish Influenza”. I’m so happy with how my blog is looking right now, guys. Like, completely excited about it. I hope you all like it, too! I’ve spent a lot of time working on and designing it, and I hope it does the blog justice! Anyways, let’s get on to the lacquer!

Today I have another glitter bomb from OPI’s “Oz the Great and Powerful” collection. I’ve reviewed another one of the glitters from this collection, When Monkeys Fly!previously. I said on that post that I also had a nude color and the liquid sand from that collection to review, but unfortunately, I lost the photos to both of those polishes 😦 Hopefully I’ll get a chance to re-review them in the future!

This polish is called Lights of Emerald City, and it’s unlike any glitter I’ve ever seen. It’s a mixture of large, matte white square glitters with smaller, iridescent square glitters that are very similar to flaky polishes in that the color of the iridescent squares changes depending on the base polish. All the glitters are in a clear base. In the bottle, however, these squares look like they have an icy blue sheen, along with a firey orange red. Honestly, this polish is pretty fantastic. You do need to place the large white squares a little bit, but with 2 coats, they even out. The small, iridescent squares spread themselves. Pictures below are two coats of Lights of Emerald City over a base color of Fresh Paint Professional Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady, no topcoat.

Indoor, natural lighting

Indoor, natural lighting

Natural, indoor lighting

Natural, indoor lighting

Outdoor, sunlight

Outdoor, sunlight

And let’s just talk about the base color for a second. Fresh Paints is a brand sold by FiveBelow stores. They aren’t glitter bombs like Funky Fingers offers, but they have amazing shimmers. Dragon Lady has a base color of green, but it also has blue and gold particles in it. It’s probably my favorite green in my collection! It’s a bit sheer upon first application, but 3 coats will do the trick to get it opaque. Here are some pictures with Dragon Lady alone, 3 coats, no topcoat.



Natural, indoor lighting

Natural, indoor lighting

So what do you think of this unique glitter from OPI? Does it capture the magic of OZ for you? I think the name of the polish is a bit misleading though, don’t you think a polish called Lights of Emerald City would be a green polish? Either way, the squares are a new twist on the classic glitter bomb.

OPI polishes retail for about $9, and can be purchased at salons, beauty supply stores like Ulta, or on their website, here.





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4 thoughts on “MOTD- OPI “Lights of Emerald City”

  1. When I first saw the Oz collection I thought that Lights of Emerald City was the most unique !
    I like that you swatched it over an actual emerald color 😛

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