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Review- Essence Color & Go Nail Color

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Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday Funday! Unfortunately for me, today is also my last day of summer vacation 😦 Tomorrow is back to the old grind, but at least it’s senior year! I’m so super excited. Good luck to any of my readers out there starting school tomorrow, or in the near future. It’s gonna be a great year!

Recently, while I was out at Ulta, I noticed that Essence had changed the design of their Color and Go nail polish bottles. I realize this has probably been this way for a while, but I’m totally unobservant, lol. Instead of being small and cylindrical (the bottles used to hold 0.16 fl oz) the bottles are now almost “cone” shaped- fatter at the bottom, and thinning out at the top, and holds 0.27 fl oz, a little less than double the amount the old bottles held. The polishes now retail for $1.99, while they used to be $0.99 (although I ended up getting my bottles at Ulta for the old $0.99 price because of a computer error. Woo!). While not as cheap as before, $1.99 is still a great price for a polish. I decided to pick up two polishes to try out, so let’s get started on the review!

The first color I have is 142- Grey-t to be Here. It’s a very light gray base with dark fuchsia, red, purple, and gold shimmer running through it when the light hits it. This polish is insanely gorgeous, I absolutely love it. Inside, it’s a great fall grey, but in the sun, it’s like BAM in your face gorgeousness! My camera was not havin’ it picking up the shimmer running through it, but I promise, this polish is a true showstopper in real life. The formula was equally wonderful- thin, easy to work with, and pretty quick drying! Dry to the touch in under 2 minutes! Pictures below are 3 coats of Grey-t to be Here, no topcoat.

Natural, indoor lighting

Natural, indoor lighting




Miss Universe is the second polish I picked up. It’s a blackened blue with green and teal shimmer running through it. In the bottle, it looks brighter than it wears on the nail. It leans much more towards the navy family on the nail. I had somewhat of a formula problem with this one- it was really patchy in application, and took 3 coats to smooth out to my satisfaction. It also bubbles like crazy when drying. The texture it has on my nail right now is kinda lumpy, and I’m not a fan. The color gets 5 stars, but the formula needs some work. Pictures below are 3 coats of Miss Universe, no topcoat.


Natural, indoor light

Natural, indoor light



Overall, I like these polishes. They dry quickly and the colors are nice. I hope that Miss Universe’s formula problem is just a fluke, but it’s the only Essence polish I’ve ever had an issue with. The brush for these polishes was really super nice, very wide and flat like the brushes for Wet N’ Wild Megalast polishes. Here’s a brush picture



So what do you think? Do you guys have a favorite Essence polish? Let me know in the comments! Essence polishes are available at Walgreens, Ulta, and on their website, here.




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