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31DC2013- Day 3- Yellow Nails!


Hi there guys!

3 days into the challenge and I’m still holding up! Whew! This is harder than I thought it would be, it’s really testing my creativity! I hope you guys are liking the results though!

I found today’s challenge to be easier than yesterday’s. Orange just isn’t my color. And really, yellow isn’t either. But I feel like yellow has a lot more design possibilities to work with. And I think I found the perfect one! When I think about yellow, three things come to mind: cheese, daffodils, and bumble bees. I immediately nixed cheese because, really? Cheese on your nails? Ew. Not a fan.

Then on to option 2: the daffodil. A lovely springtime flower. Too bad I just did flowers yesterday. Next!

So, I settled on the bumblebee! I think they’re soooo adorable (if you ignore the stingers, you know!), so they seemed like the perfect bug to paint on my nails, lol. I decided to do a bee flying across the sky, so to start, I picked a sky-toned blue. The color I picked is Pink Ice in 040. Pink Ice polishes are found at Rue 21 store locations. 040 is a light sky blue with a subtle purple shimmer running through it (the purple is more prominent in the bottle). It dries to a satin finish- somewhere in between a glossy and matte. Then, I used Sinful Colors in Snow Me White with a makeup sponge to dab clouds on the nails in random locations. Then, I drew the bee. I outlined it first in Love and Beauty Black, then filled it in with the yellow star of the show, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mellow Yellow. I then decided to add black dots in random paths to represent the bee’s flight path. Yes, I know yellow technically isn’t the most prominent color in this manicure, but I think yellow is a hard color to wear, so I didn’t want to go overboard with it. I hope you agree with me! Pictures below are with no topcoat.

Natural, indoor light

Natural, indoor light



I hope you guys like this design, it’s probably my favorite one I’ve done so far, and I don’t even like yellow! I’m having a really fun time with this challenge, and can’t wait for green day tomorrow!

Also, if you guys want to share links to your #31DC2013 nails, either put a link in the comments, tweet me a link or pic @polishinfluenza, or post it to my Facebook page. I really want to see your designs, and I’d love to publicize them here. Don’t be shy about being selfish for posting your link on my page- I don’t mind, really! I’ve also included a link to an Inlinkz page where other bloggers have already added their pictures. Check it out- and feel free to add yours!






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6 thoughts on “31DC2013- Day 3- Yellow Nails!

  1. This is almost too cute! You are the winner of the imaginary cuteness award that I just made up. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Yeah, easy to say as I am just watching…

  2. ong, bumble bee, awesome

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