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31DC2013 Day 4- Green Nails!


Second post! Woo! I’m on a roll today, guys, this is super exciting!

FINALLY WE’RE ON TO MY FAVORITE COLORS! I’m really not a fan of warm-toned colors (you’ll notice I post more glitters and cool tones like blues, greens, and purples than reds, yellows, or oranges) so knowing that the next 3 days are for cool tones really excites me! I wanted to do something fun and funky today, since I recently bought an electric lime green from Aeropostale’s beauty line, Live, Love, Dream, that I desperately wanted to try out. And what better day than green day? So let’s get to the design!

I opted for a bullseye look today. On the majority of my nails, I started with 3 coats of Live, Love, Dream’s Key Lime Pie, an eye-searingly neon green/yellow that dries satin (like most neons do). Then, I used a toothpick to draw for small dots on the left side of each nail. The dots were in the color 040 by Rue Beauté. 040 is a dark, blue-green, reminiscent of clover to me. I then put a dot of Key Lime Pie in the center of each dot, and then another dot of 040, to create mini bullseyes. Then, for my ring finger, I alternated layers of Key Lime Pie and 040, leaving the sides unpainted to create a large bullseye over the full nail. The result is a little retro and super fun, and I seriously love these! Pics below are with no topcoat.

Natural, indoor lighting

Natural, indoor lighting



I seriously love Key Lime Pie- it’s adorable! I’ve been looking for a good, inexpensive lime neon and I think I’ve found it! Aeropostale Nail Polishes are $6 and are found at Aeropostale stores, and on their website here.

As always, please feel free to share your designs for the 31DC2013. Tweet me, Facebook message me, post your pics in the comment, or add your blog to the Inlinkz icon below. Also, please, please PLEASE share my design! Your support means everything to me, and thanks to you all, I’m up to almost 40 followers between WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin’. You guys are amazing, please help me promote The Polish Influenza!

Blue day tomorrow, get pumped!





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2 thoughts on “31DC2013 Day 4- Green Nails!

  1. Now that’s a neon green! Love it.

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