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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- OPI “The Impossible”

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Hi guys!

This is my first of two posts today. I promise, I’m not going to fall behind on the 31 day challenge! But it IS Wednesday after all, and on Wednesdays, we wear pink, so I also have a pink polish to share with you today!

OPI’s The Impossible was released with their Mariah Carey collection in Winter of 2012. This was one of the first four Liquid Sand polishes OPI ever released- and pretty much began the trend of textured nail polish. The Impossible is a bright pink jelly polish packed with tiny reddish pink hex glitters, and larger, lighter pink hex glitter. In the full size bottle, there are also silvery star glitters, but I have a mini bottle from their 4 piece Mariah Carey mini set, so no stars for me. I don’t really mind it- I kinda like it better without the stars! This polish dries to a very textured matte, but a coat or two of topcoat will smooth is out somewhat and give it a lovely shine that actually deepens the pink color! The first two pictures below are the polish on its own, and the last two are with Ulta Color Enhancing Top Coat.

Natural, indoor lighting

Natural, indoor lighting



Natural, indoor lighting

Natural, indoor lighting



I love this polish, but in my opinion, I’m not a huge fan of textured polishes. I keep touching my nails all the time, and it’s distracting and sorta weird for me. The color of the polish I love though, and I especially like the added depth that topcoat adds to it. Overall, I like this polish! (and the rest of the polishes from this collection, lol).

What is your opinion on textured polishes? Love ’em or leave ’em? Let me know in the comments!

#31DC2013 post will be up later this evening! Keep looking out for it!






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