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31DC2013 Day 7- Black and White Nails!


Hi guys!

And now for the nails post of the day!

Let me tell you, guys, I am SOOO excited for B&W day. I’ve had an idea in mind for today’s design since I found out about the challenge. As posted in my “about me” and “Versatile Blogger” pages, I’m a pianist. So what’s better for a black and white design than PIANO NAILS!!! I’m warning you now, my lines are fairly sloppy, but I still like how they turned out. So let’s get to the design!

I started with a white base- Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White (as always!). Then, I drew black lines in Love and Beauty Black down my nails (I did three on each nail except for the pinky nail, which only had room for two). I then drew the black keys on top of the lines by looking off of a picture of a piano. I tried to neaten up the lines by fixing them with some more white with a toothpick, but it didn’t help too much. Oh well, the general idea is there. Pictures below are with no topcoat.



Natural, indoor light

Natural, indoor light

I hope you guys like these, because they’re pretty significant in my life. Piano is my first love, and it’s something I do to relax and cheer myself up. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do these nails!

Please share this design and show me your designs! I’d love to see what you guys come up with! Thanks always for your support 🙂







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I'm a teenage nail blogger from Delaware who, among other things, loves science, music, fashion, and um, of course, nail polish! I use my blog as a means of de-stressing, but I also love that I get to share my adventures in lacquer with all of my amazing followers! Please follow me :-)

2 thoughts on “31DC2013 Day 7- Black and White Nails!

  1. Combining nails and music – love it!

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