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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- OPI “I Knead Sourdough”


Hi there!

So it’s Wednesday again! And today I have what’s probably my FAVORITE fall color that’s been released this year. Seriously guys, I’ve had a lemming for this polish since I saw the press release for the collection online. I was there in my local salon when they unboxed this collection on its release date. What is it, you ask? Well it’s none other than OPI I Knead Sourdough!

Upon first glance, this color doesn’t look all that pink. It looks almost like a rusty brown color, with red shimmer running through it. But it’s actually a rich, dark pink. It does have subtle, red shimmer running through it when the light hits it, and looks darker, almost coppery, when not in direct light. But it’s definitely a rich, beautiful pink that’s PERFECT for the fall season. It was released as a part of OPI’s San Francisco Collection (fall 2013) and it’s perfectly on trend with the rich, dark, warm colors that all the big names in polish are releasing this season. It’s a very opaque color, though it looks really patchy on the first coat. By coat 2, it was beautifully fixed, no streaking or brushstrokes for me! Pictures below are 2 coats of I Knead Sourdough, no topcoat.

Natural, indoor light

Natural, indoor light



This is definitely my favorite color of the collection! Though I’ll definitely be picking up more of the OPI San Fran colors soon. What colors would you like to see me review? Let me know in the comments!

31DC2013 post will be up later! Stay tuned for more!

OPI polishes retail for about $8-$20 (depending on the line) and are sold at beauty supply stores (like Ulta and Sally’s) and on their website, here.



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3 thoughts on “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- OPI “I Knead Sourdough”

  1. I wanna see pics and read reviews of everything! 😀

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