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31DC2013 Day 30- Inspired by a Tutorial (rubikscube907)


Hi everyone!

This is it, folks. One day left of the 31DC2013 after today’s post! It has been a wild ride, and I’m glad I got to spend it with all of my amazing viewers! You all make me so happy, seeing your views and comments, and it’s really exciting watching my stat map to see what countries everyone is from. Shout out to my first viewer from Japan a few days ago! I hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I love writing it ūüôā

Today’s nails are inspired by the lovely youtuber rubikscube907. She does great nail art tutorials, Outfits of the Day, and much more, but this one particular tutorial caught my eye. It’s social media nails! What a more appropriate way to spread the love for rubikscube907 than through social media, eh? Here’s a screen grab of her design!

rubikscube907's nails

rubikscube907’s nails

And here’s the video!

To create the design, I pretty much just freehanded everything with toothpicks, so it’s not worth explaining every nail (besides, if you want to see a visual tutorial, rubikscube907 has that for you!), but here are the colors I used on each nail:

Youtube: Sinful Colors Snow Me White, e.l.f.¬†Smokin’ Hot¬†(red), Love and Beauty¬†Black

Twitter: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue me Away (light blue), e.l.f. Skinny Jeans (dark blue), Snow Me White

Instagram: Rue Beaut√©¬†004¬†(light brown), Rue Beaut√©¬†063¬†(dark brown), Black, Snow Me White, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear¬†Mellow Yellow, Smokin’ Hot, Skinny Jeans, Rue Beaut√©¬†040¬†(green)

Facebook: Skinny Jeans, Snow Me White, e.l.f. Lavender Mist

Tumblr: Essence Movie Star, Lavender Mist, Snow Me White

I hope you like my interpretation of the design! Pictures below are with OPI topcoat.

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

If you like this design, please share it on social media! (I know, I know, cheesy). And make sure to let me know which of my nails you like the best! And also, make sure to check out rubikscube907 on youtube, she deserves your attention!

The end approacheth! Tomorrow is the final day! Honor nails you ‚̧ is the theme, which nails will I recreate? Only time will tell!







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I'm a teenage nail blogger from Delaware who, among other things, loves science, music, fashion, and um, of course, nail polish! I use my blog as a means of de-stressing, but I also love that I get to share my adventures in lacquer with all of my amazing followers! Please follow me :-)

5 thoughts on “31DC2013 Day 30- Inspired by a Tutorial (rubikscube907)

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  3. awesome! i love the instagram nail, simply because i love instagram!


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