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31DC2013 (The Last Post) Day 31- Honor Nails You Love <3 Part 2

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And now for the continuation of this week’s episode of 31DC2013…

15 more challenge manis I ❤ with all my ❤

16) Favorite tribal nails: Nail Polish Society



Don’t the dots make it look like a cute little mosaic design? Love!

17) Favorite glitter nails: ErinZi’s Nails



This glitter really packs a sparkly punch! And sparkly punches are the one kind of punch I like (except fruit punch, that’s good too…)

18) Favorite half-moon nails: Cambridge Nails

31DC Halfmoon2


She didn’t do half moon nails, oh no. She did half earth nails. And saturn. and mars. SO COOL.

19) Favorite galaxy nails: Colorful Cupcake Cat



I love her color choice combined with the glitter, I love the pastels!

20) Favorite water marble nails: Brijit’s Digits



I’m a huge fan of simplistic water marbles, and this totally hits the spot for me! And those long nails *jealous*

21) Favorite inspired by a color nails: Cajón de los Esmaltes

Mix n match - blue - azul 12


Los brillos son fabulosos, y azul es mi color favorito! Ella sabe como pintar muy bien!

22) Favorite song inspired nails: Dani’s Manis


How true to life are these nails? This girl has free-handing talent!

23) Favorite movie inspired nails: ALIQUID

31DC movie10-1


Just take a moment to appreciate that the Lion King is on her nails. That pretty much says it all!!

24) Favorite book inspired nails: Bling Finger


They’re inspired by the ancient language of Sanskrit, and they’re so beautifully done!

25) Favorite fashion inspired nails: More Nail Polish


Ingenious use of flocking powder and beads, all at once. So elegant indeed!

26) Favorite pattern inspired nails: Nail Polish In My Eyes


This beautifully captures the essence of wicker. And it’s freehanded! So beautiful!

27) Favorite art inspired nails: Drawn to Nails



Can you believe this is HAND PAINTED ON A NAIL? No, ok. Good, because neither can I!

28) Favorite flag inspired nails: Chalkboard Nails



I’m in love with the use of textures here!

29) Favorite supernatural inspired nails: Nail Polish In My Eyes



These angel wings are so delicate they look like they could fly off the nail!

30) Favorite tutorial inspired nails: The Polish Influenza

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Ok, so they’re my nails… I’m just really proud of these ones! 🙂

And there you have it, folks. The conclusion of the 31DC2013. It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year! Many thanks to all who have supported me through it, I hope you will continue to follow my blog going forward! Regularly scheduled posting will resume tomorrow! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a MOTD! Until next year!





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