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100th Post! MOTD- OPI “Golden Eye”


Hi ladies!

First of all- 100 POSTS! WOO! I’ve enjoyed writing every single one of them, and I hope you’ve loved reading them! Thanks for your continued support- here’s to 100 more!

We’re getting the remnants of a hurricane here today, so it’s ugly and rainy outside :/ Mondays are rough enough already, but add rain and tornado watches on top, and you get an extremely miserable day. To combat the gloominess outside, I wanted to make sure my nails sparkled like the sun! And what better color than gold? More specifically, OPI’s Golden Eye, from the Winter 2012 James Bond collection!

Golden Eye is a brilliant gold glitter in a gold-tinted base. It sparkles like a newly polished piece of jewelry- the glitter just dances in the light! The gold glitter particles are very fine, and give nice, even coverage. It’s a little patchy on the first coat, but 3 coats will plate your nails in rich liquid gold. You’re going to have Midas fingertips while wearing this polish! It’s nice and liquid and easy to apply. A showstopper in a bottle! Pictures below are 3 coats of Golden Eye without topcoat (yes, all that shine is WITHOUT TOPCOAT!)

Natural, indoor light

Natural, indoor light



This polish also works great as a shimmery topper. I used one coat here over Sinful Colors’ Let’s Talk, a rich royal purple that I though would look perfect with my regal-themed mani. I used one coat of Let’s Talk and one coat of Golden Eye below!



I seriously love this polish. I’m really sad I only got a mini bottle. OPI, if you’re reading this, I’d love another bottle of this fantastic lacquer! Or really a bottle of any of OPI’s colors- they really have one of the best formulas and selections of colors of all the nail polish brands out there! What do you think of this polish? Let me know in the comments!

OPI polishes retail for $8-$9 a bottle (although the mini sets are usually 4 bottles for $12.95, like the one I got Golden Eye in) and can be found at select drugstores, beauty supply stores, official salon retailers, and on their website, here.



Author: The Polish Influenza

I'm a teenage nail blogger from Delaware who, among other things, loves science, music, fashion, and um, of course, nail polish! I use my blog as a means of de-stressing, but I also love that I get to share my adventures in lacquer with all of my amazing followers! Please follow me :-)

2 thoughts on “100th Post! MOTD- OPI “Golden Eye”

  1. I also love this’s different then any other gold I have…almost did not get it when the collection was out and was talked into it by a blogger who said I had to get it…I got a full size bottle – you might try evil bay or amaz to see if there is a bottle on the secondary market…

    • It’s also kinda similar to “Oy Another Polish Joke” by OPI, but “Oy” is definitely more on the yellow side while Golden Eye is more of a true metallic gold. Trust me, when this mini bottle runs out, I’ll be finding a replacement, ASAP!

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