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MOTD- Revlon Moon Candy “Orbit”


Hi everyone!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! It’s finally here! It’s been a bit of a rough week, but everything seems to have resolved itself and I’m in quite the good mood tonight. Tomorrow’s also my birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends, since tomorrow night is also my homecoming dance. I’ll be posting a homecoming nail art tutorial tomorrow, so make sure to check out my blog tomorrow for that!

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Today I have for you one of the Revlon Moon Candy polish duos in the color Orbit. Moon Candy polishes are packaged as a double-ended, long, cylindrical tube, with a solid base color on one end and a flaky glitter on the other end. This particular base color is a deep, blue-based plum, perfect for the fall. I actually really love this color by itself. It applies like a dream, and it’s almost completely opaque in one coat! The flakies, on the other hand, I had some issues with. The flakies in this particular set were tinted a blue-purple, though they look blue and teal on the nail over the dark purple base. The flakies pulled the base polish off my nail… and I waited a good 15 minutes for one coat of base to dry before applying the flakies. The flakies are also peeling off my nail, and would more than likely require at least 2 coats of a thick topcoat to tame them. I think they give the polish an unprofessional, muddied look. Maybe that’s just an issue with Orbit, since I’ve never tried any of the other polishes. Pictures below are one coat of base, one coat of flakies, and no topcoat.





Have any of you had any better luck with this line of polishes? I already had a hard time justifying spending the $8.99 price (since in my opinion, you can get better flakies for less, like the Funky Fingers polish I reviewed here) but I’m super disappointed if they’re all like this. Let me know your opinions in the comments!

Revlon Moon Candy polish duos are sold for $8.99 a bottle, and are found at drugstores, beauty supply stores, and on their website, here.




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6 thoughts on “MOTD- Revlon Moon Candy “Orbit”

  1. I’ve tried Orbit before and had some of the same issues you did. I ended up snapping a pic to put on Instagram as soon as I finished applying it and then taking it right off. I’ve also tried Meteor and Universe, and they were a bit better. Some of the flakies didn’t want to lay flat, but I just pressed them down. I still wouldn’t pay full price for them, but Universe and Meteor might be worth it for a decent sale price.

  2. Oh no!. They really did a number on the base. Looks like it would have been really cute!

  3. I have about 8 of them, and unless you use the glitter only on the very tips of the nail, they look like yours do. I really hate them all. and I find the art brush side disappointing too.

    • Ugh, that’s so disappointing. I was so excited to see the flakies, I wanted them to work sooo much. At least the base color is nice, I’ll definitely be using that on its own. It’s a great vampy purple, but not worth the price since the flakies are a fail.

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