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Nail Art- Homecoming Nails!

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Hello ladies!

So, today is my birthday! I’ve had a great day so far spending time with my family (I got an Oracle Team USA America’s Cup t-shirt!!!), and to top it all off, tonight is my school’s homecoming dance! Of course, I can’t go out with naked nails, so I’ve put together a really fun, sophisticated and EASY design that you too can use for your school dances!

To create this design, you’re going to need nail art (also known as bullion) beads. They generally come in a little wheel like this:


I bought mine from Dollish Polish, but you can get them from most beauty/nail supply retailers.

I started by painting my nails a base color of red, except for my accent nail (ring finger), which I painted a shimmery black. The red I used was OPI’s The Spy Who Loved Me from the Winter 2012 James Bond collection, and the black was Ulta Salon Formula nail lacquer in Little Black Dress. Once that dried, I used my old, thick bottle of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Lacquer in Flawless as a glue for the beads. I used a damp toothpick to pick up one bead at a time, and arrange them in the pattern I wanted. I used black beads on my red nails, and red beads on my black nail (alternate colors).You could create anything you want with the beads, it’s all up to interpretation. Once the “glue” is dried, apply a heavy layer of topcoat (I used OPI topcoat) to seal in the design. Without that topcoat, the beads fall off. Expect some beads to fall off anyway if you’re going to be dancing, but the topcoat reduces the bead “shedding”. Pics are below!





I also did my sister’s nails in the same design, but with navy and gold instead to match her dress! The navy I used was Rue Beauté in 043 and the gold was an unnamed Body Central color. Her pics are below!



I hope you guys like the design- it took almost 2 hours to do both of us! The process of patterning the beads is extremely painstaking, but worth it if you have the time, because it isn’t difficult to achieve. I even was able to copy it on my right hand, which I usually can’t do because I’m right handed!

So what will you be wearing on your nails this homecoming? Will you be using my design? Let me know in the comments below! I had a great birthday, and it was made even better by you guys. Thanks so much for reading, I love you all 😀



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