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Nail Art- My First Attempt at Konad Stamping!


Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday! AND THERE’S FINALLY SUN. I seriously haven’t seen the sun in a week, the sight is just too beautiful. How has your weekend been? I’m still coming off a birthday high, lol!

And speaking of birthdays, my friend got me something I’ve been dying to get my hands on for-EVAH, a Konad Stamping set with 3 stamp plates!!!! You don’t understand how excited I am to finally get to try this out! For today’s design, I decided to try out the M-60 Konad plate, with the argyle design.



To create the design, I started with two coats of Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Ultraviolet Femme, a gorgeous blue-based purple. I then painted Sinful Colors Snow Me White over the argyle design, and scraped off the excess with the Konad scraper. I picked up the design using a rolling motion with my stamper, and rolled it over the nail. Not going to lie, it took me about 4 tries to get the design you see, and it’s still nowhere near perfect, but with practice, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it! I then put OPI topcoat over my design, and the purple must have bled into the white, because it now looks like the stamp polish color is lavender. I don’t mind, but I kinda wanted it to be white… I guess next time I’ll wait longer for it to dry. Pictures are below!

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Overall, I’m really excited about having this Konad stamper, and will definitely be doing more designs in the future! What are your thoughts on Konad, or other similar stamping systems? Let me know in the comments below!

If you want to purchase your own Konad stamper, they’re available on Amazon for as little as $5, or you can purchase them off of Konad’s own website, here.





Author: The Polish Influenza

I'm a teenage nail blogger from Delaware who, among other things, loves science, music, fashion, and um, of course, nail polish! I use my blog as a means of de-stressing, but I also love that I get to share my adventures in lacquer with all of my amazing followers! Please follow me :-)

12 thoughts on “Nail Art- My First Attempt at Konad Stamping!

  1. nice choice in colors!

  2. You will get the hang of it. 😉 I actually like that white kind of blended in, looks lovely.
    Konad is unfortunately too small for my nails. My newest set is from Born Pretty Store and I love these, since the designs are large enough to fit on my nail with one go 😛 As I’ve noticed from the sets I have, if your stamper and plates are good quality, it doesn’t matter what polish you use for stamping.

    • I figured that out today! I used a kinda low quality gold polish for the stamping and it looks super good, so I think I’m getting the hang of it! I also went and ordered like 6 new plates from the Born Pretty Store last night, so I’ll make sure to review them when they arrive!

  3. I think the one you have looks really nice, I have always wanted to get it… but have seen many review that was a bit uneven and not so pretty. But your review makes me want to get one again ❤
    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more..

  4. Gorgeous! And practice makes perfect. xo

  5. Hey, excellent for a first try…I have this plate and the design is actually quite hard to get right. And you aligned them great, I always end up with a couple of nails crooked 🙂 Congrats and happy stamping

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