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Maybelline Fall 2013 Vintage Leather Collection Review


Hi everyone!

One more day until Friday, guys. We can do it! To help you get through that last day of the work week, I have a limited edition Maybelline Color Show Collection to share with you today! I picked up a couple of these polishes while I was at Target earlier this week (on clearance for $2 a bottle!!) and couldn’t wait to show them to you!


The Vintage Leather Collection is Maybelline’s take on the matte trend. They’re meant to resemble the effect of leather- they’re mostly matte, but small, glass flecks interspersed in the polish help to give it a multi-dimensional, semi-shiny effect. For some reason I was under the impression that these were going to be textured polishes when I bought them, but I can’t say I’m disappointed by the end result. Honestly, I was really dubious about them when I discovered they were matte, since I’m usually not a matte kind of girl. But I have to say, I’m SOO pleasantly surprised by the colors I picked up!

Formula-wise, the three colors I picked up are all spot on- the perfect balance of not too thick and not to thin. No lumps, and no cuticle flooding! It also dries SUPER QUICKLY due to the matte finish. If matte isn’t for you, a coat of topcoat will turn the polish into a glossy color. For the purpose of this post, the first picture will be without topcoat, and the second will be with OPI topcoat.

High Style Sienna is a traditional brown leather color, leaning towards red. It’s a good darker nude color, but honestly, I’m not a fan of it with my skintone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the polish itself, but it’s just not for me, maybe it would work better on darker skin. I used 2 coats for pictures below.





Lasting Lilac is a fabulous red-based purple. I’m so in love with this one, it’s the perfect purple matte. The glass flecks add a great depth to this very grape-looking polish. I think it’s definitely a must-have for purple lovers everywhere! I used two coats for pictures below. You can still see a little VNL, but honestly, it’s worse in the pictures than in person. If it really bothers you, 3 coats will suffice.





Red Relic is probably my favorite of all of them. It is THE perfect punchy red. It’s neither blue nor orange. It’s just pure red. I love it matte and shiny! It’s like the surface of a tomato when it’s shiny. The formula was great, though I predict it will probably be a stainer, so a base coat is a must for this one. But besides that, I’m having a total love affair with this polish! I used two coats for the pictures below.





This collection is such a surprise thumbs up for me, I’m really in love with it! Has it changed my mind permanently on mattes? No. But has it made me give them a second chance? You betcha! I love them for fall, they’re a little bit of a rough edge for the comfy, warm clothes of fall. Leather is such a big trend this season, and these nails sure do the trick! What do you think of this collection? Let me know in the comments below!

Maybelline Color Show polishes generally retail for between $2-$4, and can be found at most drugstores and beauty supply stores, as well as one their website, here.



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3 thoughts on “Maybelline Fall 2013 Vintage Leather Collection Review

  1. I have the brown one and I love it. Both, glossy and matte. Seems to go well together with my skin tone (at least in my opinion) XD

  2. I really don’t like those effect polishes, not only leather, dunno why, they just don’t tempt me, even into buying and trying.
    But that tomato colour and finish is awesome! No wonder you like it!

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