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MOTD- Zoya “Maria-Luisa”


Hello all!

It’s Monday once again! I had my first college interview today, and impressed the interviewer with my nails! Never underestimate the power of nail polish, people. It can change the world! And you guys are going to love the world-changing nail color I have for you today!

I’ve been lemming Zoya’s Maria-Luisa ever since it was released with their fall collection this year. It’s a gorgeous gold flaky glitter in a slightly yellow-tinted base. It’s somewhat thick due to the glitter density, but it’s still perfectly usable. While the entire Cashmeres/Satins collection was (and still is) to die for, THIS color was the one I knew I needed, no matter what, and it’s finally mine! And it lives up to my expectations. It’s really meant to be a topcoat, but I decided to try it out on its own. This picture is with 2 coats.



Yeah, I know, not good looking. However, it’s a whole other story overtop of other colors! I chose a wide variety of colors to swatch Maria-Luisa over. I have Sinful Colors Snow Me White on my thumb, e.l.f.’s Flirty Fuchsia on my pointer finger, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure’s Nightwatcher on my middle finger, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure’s New Wave Blue on my ring finger, and Love and Beauty’s Purple on my pinky, each with one coat of Maria-Luisa overtop in pictures below.






I really like the pairings I’ve chosen, especially ML over Snow Me White, the gold really stands out! My other favorite is definitely ML over Nightwatcher, the deep navy creme makes the gold glitter look like a smattering of little shiny stars! Which combo is your favorite, and what color combo did I miss that you’d like me to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Maria-Luisa is a great alternative to the super expensive gold leaf topcoats out there. OPI’s The Man With the Golden Gun had a suggested retail value of $30 when it was available in stores, and now it’s hard to find it at all under $75! While ML isn’t a perfect dupe for real gold leaf, it does give a similar effect at the fraction of the real thing’s price, so it’s definitely worth checking out for all my polish sisters on a budget!

Maria-Luisa is a part of the Zoya “Satins” fall 2013 collection, and has a suggestion retail price of $8-$9, as do all regular Zoya polishes. Zoya can be found at select beauty supply stores, as well as on their website, here.



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  1. Your website is so much fun! Can’t wait to read more.

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