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MOTD- Rue 21 “Glow in the Dark”

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Hey chicas!

It’s been a rough Tuesday (but then again, what Tuesday isn’t rough?). I have 3 tests tomorrow and have been studying like crazy, which is why this post is late/short. Hopefully you’ll still love the polish I have for you today, it’s perfect for Halloween!

While at Rue 21 with my friends this weekend, I stumbled across this lacquer in their “new arrivals” section. It’s called Glow in the Dark, and is a bright, neon yellow that, well, glows in the dark! I knew right away I had to have it.  Now, I figured that this was going to be a pretty sheer polish, but I decided to try it without undies anyway. Bad, bad, bad idea. It looks like my nail yellowed a TON. Not attractive at all, and in 3 coats, it’s nowhere near close to being opaque, I’d imagine it’d take at least 5-6 coats to start building the color, and even then there’d still be VNL! Here’s a picture in case you were wondering…

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Like Zoya’s Maria-Luisa from yesterday, this polish is meant to be layered. For the rest of my nails, I started off with 2 coats of Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White, let that dry, then applied two coats of Glow in the Dark. Over white, Glow in the dark has a very mellow, almost semi-electric butter appearance to it (I know, what a strange description, but that’s what you get when your blogger is dead tired!). I actually kinda like the yellow. Pictures below are without topcoat.

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Now, the true test of a glow in the dark polish is, well, its glowing capabilities. The polish directs you to hold nails up to the light for several seconds before turning the light off for maximum glow. I followed the instructions, and wow! The glow really works! Of course, taking pictures in the dark is a pain and my camera wasn’t having it, but here’s what I *attempted* to get.





Super glowy, no? Sorry the pictures are miserably awful, but they were the best out of the 30 I took…. It still manages to show the effect though!

While I doubt I’ll be wearing this polish on its own, you can bet that I’ll definitely be incorporating it into my Halloween manis for this year (all next week- be watching for them!). It has got almost a slightly gritty texture when dried- definitely not like the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes but still kinda rough. Not a big deal, but it does deter one from using it as a full manicure color. I’ve been wanting a glow in the dark polish for a while now, and I’m glad I’ve finally gotten one! What do you think of this kind of polish effect, hot or not? Let me know in the comments!

Rue 21 polishes retail for $3.99 a bottle, but are frequently on sale for 2 bottles for $5, a great bargain! The polishes can be bought at either a Rue 21 store location or on their website, here.



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One thought on “MOTD- Rue 21 “Glow in the Dark”

  1. So haloweeny : D
    How did you do in your tests?

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