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MOTD- Pink Ice “30”


Hi everyone!

Man, is it ever a busy day today. Spanish test, Academic Bowl competition, homework, ugh! I need a break! Luckily for you lovely readers, my breaks usually involve painting my nails/writing blog posts. Here’s the product of my daily relaxation!

I have a lovely blue to share with you today from Pink Ice by Rue 21, and it’s called 30. Though I love Rue 21’s polish and prices, I really wish they’d name their polishes, even if they were just called “blue” or “pink” or “yellow”. They’d just be easier to store in my stash. Although, I guess most people aren’t obsessive polish hoarders like me…. oh well.

30 is a beautiful, satin finish blue, leaning in the way of turquoise. It’s a very bright blue, with somewhat of a green undertone to it. It dries semi-matte (hence the “satin finish”) which I love with this polish. It makes the nail look like sea glass! Formula-wise, it’s a bit streaky and patchy, but eventually levels out in 3 coats. The first picture is without topcoat, and the second is with topcoat to show it shiny, with Zoya’s Maria-Luisa on the ring finger as an accent nail.

Indoor artificial light

Indoor artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

I actually think I prefer the matte version of this polish to the shiny version. Maybe sometime I’ll try mattifying Maria-Luisa at some point with this polish, I bet that would look great! Which do you prefer- shiny or satin? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I can’t review this polish honestly without mentioning the Godawful brush. Seriously, this brush is a nightmare. ALL of the Pink Ice brushes are. And it makes me so sad because the polishes are so cool with the satin finish. But the brush is permanently stiff, bent out of shape, and makes controlling the polish almost impossible. If you know how to work with with it, it can work, but for a polish beginner? It’s going to be really hard.

So, overall, I want to like this polish, but I have to dock it some points for the brush. Have other people who have used Pink Ice polishes had this problem? Let me know!

Pink Ice polishes retail for $3.99, but are often on sale for a 2 for $5 deal at Rue 21 store locations, and can be bought at Rue 21 stores and on their website, here.



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2 thoughts on “MOTD- Pink Ice “30”

  1. Pretty 🙂 I guess I just love blues, so I like ’em all!

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