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MOTD- Essie “The Lace is On”



Whew, has it been a busy day. That seems to be my M.O. recently- I’m always busy doing something. It’s tiring, but I like being on the go. It’s much more exciting than just sitting around!

Today I have a gorgeous polish to show you from Essie’s fall 2013 “For the Twill of it” collection. I know I’m a bit late showing these fall polishes, but hey, better late than never, right? I actually used this color recently in my cotton candy water marble, but I’ve never shown it on its own. The Lace is On (the color du jour) is a deep purple/magenta metallic. It’s almost blackened in some light on the nail, which adds a great 3D depth to the manicure. But there’s also some subtle pink shimmer running through the polish, as well. It’s definitely a stunner. Formula wise? Um… definitely not a fan. First of all, the brush seems to be really stiff. I’ve never had that problem with an Essie polish before, so I have to wonder if it’s just a bad bottle. The polish was also kinda gloopy and hard to apply (which you can tell by my swatch pictures). It’s pretty uneven and kinda patchy, even after the second coat, and it’s so thick I wouldn’t want to apply a 3rd. It’s a shame, because the color itself is such a stunner. Pictures below are 2 coats of The Lace is On, no topcoat.



I wanted to hide some of the imperfections of the polish, so I decided to layer a glitter over it. I picked OPI’s Lights of Emerald City, which is a matte white square glitter with iridescent small square glitters interspersed. I’ve reviewed it before, here. I really like the combo. Pictures below are one coat of LOEC over 2 coats of TLIO.



I like how the iridescent squares look firey red against the magenta base of the Essie polish. So, I guess all in all, it is a win-manicure today. Have you had the same issues with The Lace is On as I have? Let me know in the comments.

Essie polishes retail for between $7-$9 a bottle, and can be found at most drugstores, beauty supply stores, and on their website, here.



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5 thoughts on “MOTD- Essie “The Lace is On”

  1. I really like this colour, but I actually prefer it with glitter, which I almost never do. This is a nice combo!

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