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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: Rue Beauté “068”

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¡Hola amigas!

It’s Wednesday once again! And thanks to Mean Girls, we all know what that means…. we must wear pink. And I have the most amazing pink glitter bomb to share with you today!

Rue Beauté’s 068 is a matte and shimmer rainbow glitter bomb all in an opaque hot pink base. You know, when I started collecting polish, I used to be really dubious of polishes like these. I always thought to myself “well, won’t the base just cover up the glitter and make it look like a lumpy mess?” But when I saw this color on sale at Rue 21 this summer (I know, I know, it’s sat in the untried pile for way too long) on sale for $1, well, how could I resist?

I’m so glad I opted to buy this polish. It’s such a unique blend of glitter, and my original suspicions did not hold true. It’s actually quite easy to see the glitter through the pink base, but the base is opaque enough that you can wear the polish by itself, and not just layered over another color. And speaking of the glitter, there is SO much glitter in here! Medium hex glitters in orange, yellow, blue, pink, green and silver, and tiny hex glitters in the same colors. There’s a high likelihood I’m missing some because the glitter is SO DENSE, but you get the point. It’s a rainbow explosion! The hot pink base is a true neon, very similar in color to Claire’s Hot Stuffjust more blue based as opposed to Hot Stuff’s orange base. The polish is a bit thick due to the glitter, but still pretty workable, and the glitter requires no placement. Pictures below are 2 coats of 068, no topcoat.



Natural, indoor light

Natural, indoor light

As you can see, the polish dries satin. If you want the polish to have a shine to it, a coat of topcoat should do the trick. But I really like it this way, I think it helps the glitter to stand out. What do you think of glitter bombs like this? Let me know in the comments!

Rue Beauté nail polishes retail for $3.99 a bottle (though are frequently on sale for 2 bottles for $5) and can be found at Rue 21 stores and on their website, here.



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