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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- Sinful Colors “Pinky Glitter”

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Hello lovelies!

It’s that time of the week again- time to wear pink! I was craving a glitter polish today, and when I was sifting through my pink stash, I stumbled across this mega-sparkler from Sinful Colors and just knew it had to be my manicure of choice. We all know I’m a sucker for all things glitter, so really, how could I resist?

Pinky Glitter, true to its name, is a pink glitter. No surprises there, lol. It’s a peachy-pink gel-like base packed with fine silver glitters and small round, silver, iridescent glitters. Yes, you heard me right. Round. I thought they were just really small hex glitters at first, but upon closer inspection, they look pretty round to me. The glitters flash different colors depending on the angle of light that hits them, but they most often reflect a light, icy blue, which creates a gorgeous contrast against the pink. It’s a bit of a thick polish due to the gellish consistency of the base, and does take a LONG while to dry fully (over and hour- it’s not a polish for the impatient), but I personally think it’s worth the wait! Pictures below are 3 coats of Pinky Glitter without a base polish.

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Though I think this could be worn on its own, it’s too sheer for me. It’s showing a lot of my natural nail colors, and my natural nail is stained yellow, which distorts the color. I’m not a fan of it on me this way, but if your nails are cleaner, I bet this would work. For me, I prefer this as a layering glitter, so I opted to try it over a pink creme and a white. The pink I chose was e.l.f. Electric Fuchsia and the white was Ulta’s Snow White. I really love both combos, especially the white, it looks like the color of a fairy! Pictures below use 2 coats of base polish with one coat of Pinky Glitter overtop.

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Love love LOVE this as a layering polish. I’ll definitely be giving this beauty some more attention in the future, she’s a shining star among glitters! What do you think of this shimmering lacquer? Let me know in the comments!

Sinful Colors polishes retail for around $1.99-$2.99 a bottle, and can be found at most chain drugstores, Target stores, and on their website, here.



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