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B-Girl Cosmetics Sparkle Yogurt Mini-Glitter Set (Born Pretty Store)


Hi everyone!

So my week is OFFICIALLY OVER! I love having Friday’s off, it makes the week feel shorter than having a Monday off, in my opinion. Although, I’ll take either if it means getting extra sleep! I have such a busy weekend: a college interview, my senior piano recital, and my school’s Open House. Luckily, it’s all really enjoyable, so it should be a fun few days!

Today I have an… interesting purchase/review to share with you. As part of my Born Pretty Store haul from awhile back, I bought a set of 4 mini nail polishes that looked a lot like indy polishes (a glitter bomb in a milky base). The brand is called “B-Girl”, which I assumed stood for “Born Pretty Girl”, since that was the retailer. But no. Oh no. I was wrong. Instead, it was this:


That is right, ladies and gents. B-Girl stands for “Barbaric Girl”, because really, who doesn’t want to have their nails look barbaric, amiright? I’m going to have to chalk this one up to “Engrish”, which, to those of you who don’t know, is a comical translation of an Asian language (most often Chinese) to English. Since Born Pretty Store appears to be based in Singapore, this seems to be a plausible scenario. Engrish can get oh so funny, as seen on the back side of the box…



One of my best friends is Chinese, and she’s told me this kind of thing is all over China from the times she’s visited. And let me tell you, the website has plenty more where that came from. But enough about that. On to the nail polish!

I’m kinda disappointed overall, guys. The website advertised the set coming with 4 colors: blue, green, peach, and purple. But I got two bottles of blue instead of a purple 😦 Also, my pink bottle seemed to leak during shipping, which made it a gloopy mess to apply. I guess one has to bear in mind it did ship overseas, but it was so well-wrapped, I feel like it has to be a manufacturing error. Order at your own risk. Since the colors don’t have names, I’m going to name them for the sake of reviewing!

Blueberry Yogurt is a sky blue milky base with large orange-y gold silver, pink, and light blue hex glitters, as well as fine silver and magenta glitter mixed in. Overall, the consistency of this was pretty nice, though slightly on the thick side, and opacity was fine. I do like the glitter mix though, it’s quite different. I used two coats for pictures below.

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Peach Yogurt is a disgusting, awful fail of a polish. Part of it has to do with its horrendous formula (thick, goopy, and patchy), but in general, the color is so washed out it just makes my nails look sickened. It’s a peachy pink milky base with large blue and magenta hex glitters with fine silver and magenta glitter mixed in. Just a big fat no. Pictures below are two coats.

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light

Key Lime Yogurt is the saving grace of the trio. It’s a lovely spring green milky base with large dark green, orange, and magenta hex glitters, with fine silver and magenta glitters mixed in. It applies smoothly and is the thinnest of the 3 (though by no means thin- it’s still on the thick side). I like the color overall, it’s definitely my favorite. Pictures below are 2 coats.

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

I’m definitely not thrilled by this set. One striking problem I noticed with all 3 polishes is that they don’t dry. Like, at all. They’re still squishy after over an hour, and I even tried using Zoya Fast Dry Drops on some of them, to no avail (and those drops work really well). I just can’t recommend these polishes to you, there are just too many flaws. What do you think of the collection? Have you had better luck with it? Let me know in the comments!

B-Girl Cosmetics is sold on the Born Pretty Store Website, and this particular set was $7.99.



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I'm a teenage nail blogger from Delaware who, among other things, loves science, music, fashion, and um, of course, nail polish! I use my blog as a means of de-stressing, but I also love that I get to share my adventures in lacquer with all of my amazing followers! Please follow me :-)

7 thoughts on “B-Girl Cosmetics Sparkle Yogurt Mini-Glitter Set (Born Pretty Store)

  1. THANK YOU oh thank you for introducing me to Engrish, I’m cackling at the site now, seriously, made my morning!

  2. What? They don’t dry? At all? Reminds me of my nails inc. instyle beach…
    Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend, darling!

  3. hi doll great review we love how honest you wur we will stay on the look out for this product

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