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Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Review and Swatches!


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If 2012 was defined by magnetic polish and flakies, then 2013 is the year of the texture and matte bar glitter. Luckily, you can get your mani-fix with Sally Hansen. This summer, Sally Hansen released two new nail effect lines in order to spice up your manicure: Sugar Coat, a texture polish collection, and Fuzzy Coat, a line of matte bar glitters in a clear base, meant to imitate the effect of fabric. The bar glitter especially has been polarizing in the nail world, showing up in collections by Essie (Peak so Chic from Encrusted Treasures), Zoya (Mosheen from Zenith) and of course, China Glaze (the On the Horizon collection). While I myself am getting tired of the trend, I can’t blame Sally Hansen- they came to this party first! And today, I have some of the Fuzzy Coat polishes to share with you.

Wool Knot is a baby blue and white mix of tiny matte bar glitter in a clear base. I love this color combo- it’s really fresh and pairs great with almost every color (though I especially like it over pink). It was the sparsest of the glitters I got, and had the most problems with bald spots. Pics below are one coat of Wool Knot over Essie’s The Lace is On!

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Fuzz-Sea is a mix of baby blue and yellow matte bar glitters. Though it looks like there are also green glitters in the mix, it’s actually just an optical illusion from the blue and yellow- only two colors here! This applied better than its cousin Wool Knot, but still was a little sparse in my opinion, especially considering how dense it looks in the bottle! Pics below are 1 coat of Fuzz-Sea over Rue Beauté 040.

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Tweedy is a matte black and white bar glitter. This is my favorite of the three hands down- it’s jam packed with glitter, and is slightly thicker in consistency than the other two, making it easier to apply. It’s almost opaque enough to wear on its own! This would look pretty good over almost any base color, but for pics, I used 1 coat of Tweedy over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure New Wave Blue.

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

On the Fuzzy Coat display, Sally Hansen shows pictures of the glitters being worn by themselves and looking completely opaque. Wanting to give the polishes a try, I ended up with mixed results:

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Wool Knot had a lot of bald-spot issues. It’s a really really thin polish with minimal glitter pay off, so it gets to be a gloopy mess after 2 coats (I used three here). Fuzz-Sea was slightly better in 3 coats, but suffered from the same goop problem as Wool Knot. Tweedy, on the other hand, looked pretty opaque after 3 coats, and dried quickly between layers, so Tweedy is the only one who lives up to the standard. The other two are best used as layering/glitter toppers due to how thin and runny the base is.

In general, I’m happy with the collection. In my opinion, Sally Hansen has done this glitter trend the best- they provided a large range of colors to satisfy every craving. I personally though the China Glaze On the Horizon collection was way too one-note and orange based, it just didn’t have the variety that Sally Hansen provides. What do you think of this collection? Let me know in the comments!

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes retail for between $5-$6 a bottle, and can be found at drugstores, beauty supply stores, and on Sally Hansen’s website, here.

OH YEAH. By the way, I wrote a guest post for the lovely Jenn over at the Polished PR. It features an exclusive, never before seen autumn-inspired nail art design done by moi, so go check it out on her website, HERE! And while you’re at it, make sure to check out her blog- it’s got some fantastic nail art you’re sure to love!



Disclosure: some of the products featured in this post were sent to me by a brand representative. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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3 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Review and Swatches!

  1. I do lie glitter polishes, but ones I don’t like are the bar glitter ones. These are nice and nice to look at but only as long as they’re on someone else’s nails. (I am weird like that XD)

  2. I don’t like effect polishes, but I’m loving my Barry M white and black and pastel feather top coat !
    These are cool!

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