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Hunger Games Nail Art!

Hello tributes!

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! In honor of tonight’s release of the new Hunger Games trilogy movie, Catching Fire, I decided to pay homage to the popular series with a little nail art! The Hunger Games is honestly one of my favorite book series of all times. I read all three books while I was recovering from surgery last spring and it kept me engaged and distracted from the pain. I’ve heard good things about the second movie, and I love Jennifer Lawrence (such a classy lady), so I can’t wait to see it sometime soon!

The most well known symbols of the Hunger Games series are the mockingjay and fire, since Katniss is “The Girl on Fire”. On all my fingers except for my ring finger, I painted two coats of China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, a smoky black with a subtle blue and green duochrome, and is appropriately part of last year’s Capitol Colors Collection (the District 12 shade!). On my thumb, I used a toothpick and a small dotting tool to freehand Katniss’s iconic mockingjay pin using Body Central Gold. On my ring finger (which I painted with 1 coat of e.l.f. Sunflower), I created a flame inspired gradient, using Ulta Ruby Slipper (the red), OPI A Woman’s Prague-ative (the orange-y gold) and e.l.f. Sunflower (the yellow). On the rest of my nails, I used a medium sized dotting tool with Gold to create a line of dots across the sides of my black nails. I’m super happy with how this turned out! Pictures below are with OPI topcoat.

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

Artificial, indoor light

I’m getting so much better at freehanding things these days, I’m quite pleased with myself. I hope I get to wear this to the movies- I always take off manicures so quickly in order to blog. Guess I’ll just have to go see it tomorrow! What do you think of my Katniss Everdeen nail art tribute? Let me know in the comments!




MOTD- China Glaze “Agro”

Hi there everyone!

Happy Saturday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend, but I had SAT tests this morning, so I’m really sleepy and kinda drained. Oh well, hopefully I’ll never have to take them again!

To cheer me up, I decided to pull out one of my favorite all time colors. It’s perfect for fall, but I love it so much, I wear it all the time! It’s China Glaze Agro. This color was part of the hugely popular Capitol Colors Collection from 2012, and I got it in a 4-pack with Smoke and Ashes (a deep black with blue and green flecks), Fast Track (a gorgeous gold-flecked nude), and Luxe and Lush (a red-toned flaky topper). This collection was mind-bogglingly amazing, and I’m still a little mad at myself for not buying more of it. I guess there’s always Amazon for that!

In keeping with the Hunger Games theme, each polish of the collection represented a District, and Agro represents district 11, the agricultural district (hence the name!). Agro is a beautifully deep dark olive green with a subtle gold flash. This is somewhat frosted, but not so much so that brush strokes are an issue. If you apply the polish in even strokes, the brush strokes are hardly visible. It’s slightly on the thicker side, but still completely workable, and you could almost get away with 1 coat because it’s so opaque! I used 2 for pictures below, no topcoat.

Indoor, artificial light

Indoor, artificial light



You can see that in some light, the gold and olive color shines through more, and in other light, it has a more pure darkened green.

I love this color, I think it flatters my extremely pale skin tone quite well, and I love the formula! I don’t own that many China Glaze polishes (and I really need to fix that ASAP) but I’m so glad this one’s in my collection! What do you think?

China Glaze polishes retail between $7-$9 a bottle, and can be found at salons, beauty supply stores, and on their website, here.


PS- Thanks to miss Elektra King, I tried Agro with Luxe and Lush on top and OMG SUCH A SHOWSTOPPING COMBO. It’s like the Girl on Fire on my nails! They shine gold. Thanks for the tip, hon 🙂




China Glaze Winter 2013 Collection: Happy HoliGlaze!

Hi there ladies!

So I think I’ve officially found my favorite holiday collection being released this year! I know, OPI and Essie are hard to beat, and I haven’t even touched on Zoya yet, but seriously. China Glaze this year has some really unique colors that don’t just focus on warm reds and winter blues. Instead, we have a virtual holiday rainbow! I love it because it reminds me of all my favorite shiny Christmas decorations my family puts up around the holiday season. Here’s a pic of the colors and display!





Here are the color descriptions given by China Glaze!

  • There’s Snow One Like You – White with matte glitter (Limited Edition Texture)
  • Elfin’ Around – Red-Rust with Aluminum-like Mirror Finish
  • Just Be-Claws – Red with Aluminum-like Mirror Finish
  • Santa Red My List – Pink-Red with Aluminum-like Mirror Finish
  • Put A Bow On It – Magenta glitter
  • Be Merry, Be Bright – Multi Magenta/ Purple Glitter
  • All Wrapped Up – Midnight Purple/ Blue Glitter
  • Your Present Required – Multi Size Colour Glitter
  • So Blue Without You – Blue with Aluminum-like Mirror Finish
  • Bells Will Be Blinging – Blue/ Gold Multi Glitter
  • Mingle With Kringle – Fierce Gold with Aluminum-like Mirror Finish
  • This Is Tree-Mendous – Green & Fine Gold Glitter

In addition to the main set, there are also a TON of LIMITED EDITION mini sets you can buy! That’s right, folks, LE, so make sure to pick them up fast! I’ll include pictures and a brief description of each!

Be Merry: This set includes four red and pink-based polishes: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Put a Bow on it, Be Merry, Be Bright


Sparkle All the Way: This set includes 3 red and purple shimmer and glitter polishes: Be Merry, Be Bright, Just Be-Claws, Your Present Required


Oh, Joy!: This set includes 4 red and blue polishes with a “joy” necklace: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, So Blue Without You


Get Carried Away: 3 red/blue polishes with a silver change purse included: Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, So Blue Without You



Snow Buddy: Red and purple polishes with a white texture polish and a stuffed polar bear: There’s Snow One Like You, Be Merry, Be Bright, Elfin’ Around



Dash of Dazzle: a blue and gold polish set: Mingle With Kringle, So Blue Without You, Bells Will Be Blinging



Good Spirits: Gold and blue polishes with a complementary China Glaze shot glass! (perfect for that eggnog, lol): Bells Will Be Blinging, Mingle With Kringle 



Touch of Twinkle: Another gorgeous red-based set: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Be Merry, Be Bright



Be Bright: True to its name, this set is all glitters and shimmer! This is a mini-polish set: Your Present Required, Be Merry, Be Bright, Bells Will be Blinging, Mingle With Kringle 



Obviously, there’s a lot of overlap between the sets, but there should be something to satisfy everyone here! Of course, if you have a lemming for that Tree-mendous green, you’re going to have to purchase that one separately 😦 Oh well.

This collection should become available at salons and beauty supply stores in October 2013, but we can hope it’ll be sooner, right? 😀 China Glaze polishes generally retail between $7-$8. The 3-polish mini sets should be about $6.50, but that’s subject to change. I’ll update this if I find out more!

So which of the three collections I’ve previewed is your favorite so far? And which of the HoliGlaze colors do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!